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Q: What is Pokémoncy?

A: Pokémoncy is an original divination and healing modality that utilizes Pokémon cards to channel intuitive messages, co-created by Sachi The Scorpio LLC and Ribombee Reeds LLC

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The Story Of Pokémoncy - Sachi's Half

I've been reading tarot for over 10 years...and have been a Pokémon Trainer for longer 😎 


When I began to read tarot professionally, I was also deep into my Pokémon Go journey and Pokémon collection that I started at age 6! I had the idea of creating a Pokémon tarot deck and was doing mock sketches and writing ideas. On my idea whiteboard I had "Pokémon Tarot" written for years. But every time I sat down to make the actual never turned out how I wanted.


Then one day I was sitting at my tarot workspace, having just purchased Pokémon Cards that were sitting in my room....then it hit me. What if I used them as tarot cards? That began a whole new phase of my spiritual journey- fusing Pokémon and divination!


For anyone who has gotten a reading by me, or have been watching my YouTube...then you already know. Pokémon Cards give details that tarot cannot.


For anyone curious how this works its just like tarot. You give an energetic input to the cards (like a question or topic) then let the cards give you an energetic output (answer/advice.) 


To make it all even more interesting and synchronized...


Early in 2019, Zubi and I met and discovered we had both created the novel modality of using Pokémon Cards for readings, which led us to connect. She had created Pokemoncy in 2018 and knew there was someone else she was supposed to do this with. We became each other's divination readers, both utilizing Pokémoncy and Zubi using runes and me using tarot. 


As time progressed, we realized we were Twin Flames!


As Twin Flames, we share(d) the common, unique light that is Pokémoncy in our hearts! Now that we have united, we want to share our invention and gifts with the world 🤍

I use Pokémoncy, tarot, and oracle cards in all of my readings!  Book a reading today in my shop!


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