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New Year, New Moon in Sagittarius: Leaving limiting beliefs behind & embracing new 2022 perceptions

By: Sachi The Scorpio

The New Moon falls within the constellation Sagittarius, marking the first New Moon of the calendar year 2022. It is important to remember that the astrological new year does not begin until the Sun enters the constellation Aries (which, for calendar year 2022 will be on April 19.). Nevertheless, the power of the 1/1 portal activates us to prepare for new beginnings, and New Moons represent the same.

This New Moon joins the Sun, Venus (which is retrograding), and Pluto that are in Sagittarius already, causing us to have a Sagittarius stellium in our solar system, further amplifying Sagittarian energies! (You can read more about Sagittarius Season, the Venus retrograde, and how this will influence you personally here:

New Moons in general are a time for setting intentions, calling new energy towards you, or manifesting. This New Moon calls for us to do these things with Sagittarian influences in mind. With the Sun, Venus, and Pluto already in Sagittarius, Sagittarian themes have already been highlighted. Our philosophies, belief systems, moral compass, ontological arguments, etc. have been front and center – and with Venus retrograding and Pluto (the planet of transformation) involved, we are bound to notice the need for change.

This New Moon gives us an opportunity to refresh our emotional body – to call in new energies that serve us and can help us with our goal. The other celestial energy in Sag may have pointed out what is no longer working for us, and the New Moon is here to help us change and invite the newness! The Moon reminds us that an essential ingredient to any manifestation or new beginning is feeling the energy of it, then allowing the physical to manifest into reality (that’s why New Moons are unseen in our sky.)

Sagittarius Season in general asks us: what do we believe and why? These perceptions ultimately shape our reality, which can be altered at any time. This New Moon gives us the opportunity to change our belief systems about ANYTHING by first changing how we feel about it! The emotional body must be open to new energies and shifting perceptions for actual change to occur. This can be done with positive affirmations, brain-cleaning (a term a coined that refers to brainwashing yourself into a healthier mindset), rituals, etc.

This can be in terms of a multitude of Sagittarian topics, but some in particular may be:

· Philosophies that make us feel good

· Welcoming emotions that help us shift into the vibration of Abundance (worthiness, gratitude, etc.)

· General optimism (feeling lucky, that everything will work out, etc.)

· Feeling open to academic pursuits that helps us expand our minds, or mentors that offer wisdom

· Etc.

Many of us have limiting belief systems that need to be left in 2021, and the Sagittarius New Moon is here to help us do so. For example, perhaps you believe in scarcity (there is so much about “shortages” in the news that brainwash us into believing there is not enough for everyone). A belief in scarcity pushes the brain, mind, and spirit into an energy of needing to compete for resources, attention, money, etc., and this scarcity mindset stops our spirit from shifting into the vibration of Abundance (a frequency where you are always provided for and always have more than enough). You cannot expect to be in Abundance if you are in scarcity – therefore you need to shift your emotional body to believe you are in Abundance. You need to feel Abundant! This goes hand-in-hand with the Gemini Full Moon two weeks ago that asked us to release any mindsets and mental loops that are defeating and don’t serve us. When we re-wire our brain and emotional body, our reality changes. This is the true magic of shifting our perceptions that changes our lives. (Read more about the Gemini Full Moon here:

Consider where you may need to re-wire and what you can do to call in new emotional energy for a more Abundant and prosperous new calendar year! The New Moon in Sagittarius helps us with non-tangible “new years resolutions”. For example, you may want to make a resolution like “feel more worthy of good things” or “release limiting beliefs about what I can/cannot accomplish” rather than something stereotypical (and not often kept) like “I’ll workout every day” or “I’ll stop eating junk food.” When we make promises to ourselves that we don’t keep, our body remembers, and it breaks our spirit. When we focus on bettering ourselves in reasonable ways (that leaves room for off-days, mistakes, and moments of weakness) our spirit begins to flourish! Intangible goals that shift our energy are a great way to do the latter.

As a personal note, something I recommend for setting intentions for a year-long (or more) time period is to not constrain yourself to one goal, but to set multiple goals that leave wiggle-room for changes and your lifestyle. I recommend making 4 lists: Start, More Of, Less Of, and Stop. Put this list somewhere you will see it often (fridge, bedside table, etc.) and strive to focus on 1 thing every day, week, or month, which can change depending how you feel.

Here is an example:


· Praying before meals

· Prioritizing my own needs ahead of others

· A dream diary

· Reading books

· Budgeting

More of:

· Drinking water

· Saving money in my savings account - $5 at a time

· Bubble baths

· Eating vegetables

· Creative time – drawing, painting, etc.

Less of:

· Eating candy

· Saying mean things to myself

· Being angry about things I can’t control

· Nail biting

· Drinking alcohol


· Being codependent

· Faking orgasms

· Splurge spending

· Spending time with people I don’t like to be around

· Playing Candy Crush

When we set intentions like this, it gives us space to accomplish many things – and these can be big or small accomplishments! Perhaps we save $1000 more than we did the year prior…or maybe we save $35 more than the year prior. Both are successes, and we can see them as such. Maybe we have 365 dreams written by next calendar year, or perhaps we only have 1 – both of them are a successful “start a dream diary.” Maybe we stop all things we want to stop – or maybe we break just one! STILL these are accomplishments and we can see that our spirit wanted to end one habit more than other – then the rest can carry over into the next year, or be revised. This kind of fluid “resolution” plan for the year ahead can help breed successful behavior in a step-wise fashion rather than adhering to the traditional “new years resolution” that statistically ends in failure and defeat. Try something new – and remember: the more intangible, the more easily accomplished with this Sagittarius New Moon! Shifting your emotional body and perceptions is the foundation to healthy, noticeable change for the year ahead!

Stay In Love.

Warm Hugs & A Kiss To Your Third Eye,


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