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Pisces Season - We are all One (& other incomprehensible things)

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

By: Sachi The Scorpio

IG & Twitter: @SachiTheScorpio

The Sun entered the constellation Pisces 3/15, where it will transit until 4/18. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and Pisces Season represents a time where we end cycles, allow energy to “die” so that it can be recycled, and truly let go.

Pisces Season tunes us into existential reality (whether we like it or not!) This includes asking the “biggest” questions in life – those that cannot be comprehended by the human mind. Things like: infinite, nothingness, etc. We can conceptualize these with human words and expressions, but can truly never grasp their essence because we are constrained to human limitations. Pisces Season is bound to bring up the otherworldly, incomprehensible, and mystical for the collective.

Pisces is the sign of two fish – one going upstream and one going downstream. This represents the emotional duality of existence (which ultimately symbolizes Oneness.). Pisces reminds us that any type of dualism is considered a whole – that Light and Shadow are a necessary juxtaposition of existence.

Apart from tapping into existential questions, we may also drift into other dimensions (on accident or on purpose.) Pisces rules over the Unseen realms, so it is common to be in-and-out of other dimensions. I suggest you only tap into HIGHER dimensions. Additionally, we may find ourselves wanting to sleep more (after all, the dream realm is another dimension) and we may have especially vivid and/or prophetic dreams. I also highly recommend that you keep a dream dairy during Pisces Season.

Pisces rules altered states of consciousness, mind-altering substances, and addictions. This is an especially potent time to consider what we put in our body to alter our connection to the physical world. This includes socially acceptable things like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and prescription medications. It is important to discern if we are “using” a substance or “abusing” a substance of any kind. Pisces Season tends to cause us to dissociate and disconnect from 3D reality – which is why we are challenged to consider anything we may be using as an escapist crutch.

When we reflect on the Oneness, Togetherness, and Universal Consciousness that Pisces represents, it naturally connects us to Source (or what some call God). Pisces Season reminds us that we are all One – and in understanding/feeling this totality that we are part of, we connect to the Source of all creation. This is the Source energy that truly has no beginning or ending (it keeps the zodiac cycle going – it pushes from the endings of Pisces into the beginnings of Aries) – it is infinite!

During this Pisces Season, ruminate on your connection to Source – or how you can feel more connected to everything in existence. Remember, we are all starstuff – we are atoms that have been recycled for millennia…and we always will be. As you ponder this notion, I hope you feel the Unconditional Love that Source offers.

Stay In Love!

Warm Hugs & Kiss To Your Third Eye,


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