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This is for anyone who needs assistance NOW! Your reading will be sent to you within a 48-hour turnaround from time of booking.

This is a video recorded reading that is sent to you via private link that you can watch (or re-watch) at any time.

If you would like this reading to be on a particular topic, please indicate that in the notes of your purchase or email me with your question/topic.

20 and 30 minutes: 1 topic

45 minutes: 1-2 topics

60 minutes: 1-3 topics

90 minutes: 1-5 topics


If you do not specify any topic, it will be a general energy reading. A general reading looks into your current energy, any blockages that may exist, what to focus on now, and how to manifest your Highest Vibrational Timeline.


Other readings I specialize in:

Guided Healing: I look into 1) The wound you are healing 2) What is keeping you stuck? 3) How to get you "unstuck" and 4) Advice from the ArchAngels on how to heal this wound

Shamanic Shift: I look into 1) Your current energy 2) Your goal 3) How to transmute your current energy into your goal


Twin Flame: I look into 1) Your Feminine energy 2) Your Masculine energy 3) How to Manifest Union 4) What is the blockage (available for 45 or 60 minute readings only) 5) How to overcome the blockage (available for 45 or 60 minute reading only)

Full Woven: This spread is available for 90 minute readings only.

I look into 1) Your current energy 2) Supporting or blocking energy for where you are right now 3) Your Higher Self 4) Your past that you need to release 5) Your lower self (that tries to sabotage your Higher Self) 6) Your immediate future and what you need to know about what is coming towards you 7) Your fears and how to release them 8) The people around you 9) Advice for your best physical, emotional, and spiritual health 10) Advice to manifest your Highest Vibrational Timeline. (You can also request this spread about a specific goal or issue in your life and I will tweak the spread to fit your needs.)


I am able to access your energetic field with your consent. With the assistance of Tarot, Pokémon cards, and oracles. I can feel my way through your energetic landscape to assist you in whatever goal you have.

Tarot is an intuitive art where both the cards and I are a medium of psychic data. This service is best for empaths and those who resonate with a more energetic approach to finding solutions.

EMERGENCY Reading: 48-Hour Turnaround

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  • 100% refund if requested within 24 hours of booking only.  No returns. Sachi The Seer reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. If your request for service is denied, you will receive a full refund.

  • Turnaround is 1 week to 1 month.  If turnaround is longer than 1 month you will be notified.

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