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This purchase includes:


- Playback to the live class that occured on 2/12/22

- A worksheet to take notes during class, that is organized in a meaningful way 

- A certificate of completion for the course



In Astrology 201, you will learn about:

• “Sister Signs” & “Brother Signs”

• North Node & South Node

• Lilith, Black Moon Lilith, and True Lilith 

• Chiron & Ophiuchus 

• Major & Minor Aspects (angular relationships) 

• Different charts & when to use them 

• Different Housing systems & how to choose one

• Different Astrological systems & how to choose one

• & more!


Recommended prerequisite: Astrology 101 (the playback for this class is currently available in my shop)


If you haven’t taken the 101 course, you should know the following before taking 201:

  • The Zodiac signs
  • The Houses
  • Planetary Placements
  • How to read all of the above in an astrological chart


Any questions? Please e-mail

Astrology 201 Lecture & Worksheet

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