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This is a video playback and worksheet. This class was Live through Zoom on 8/8/21 at 4:44pm. Zubi (@FaeBeeDragon) and I hosted this class together.


This workshop teaches about who the unicorns are, how they work, and how they can be utilized for healing and quantum jumping.


This class teaches you how to purposefully timeline jump to the timeline of your choosing with the assitance of the unicorns, from a mathematical/scientific perspective (Sachi) and spiritually/elemental perspective (Ily/Zubi).


This purchase gives you immediate access to a word document that has:

1. A link to the hour and a half long class on video (recorded live on New Moon 8-8 portal 8/8/21)

2. Worksheet to complete during class

3. "Rainbow Road" worksheet for meeting the unicorns & an extra for you to use by yourself!

4. Link to a unicorn craft!

Unicorn Workshop and Worksheets

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