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Capricorn Season 2022 - What Are You Working For?

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

By Sachi The Scorpio

IG & Twitter: @SachiTheScorpio

The sun enters the constellation boundaries of Capricornus 1/19/22, marking the beginning of Capricorn Season within Celestial Astrology. The Sun transits through Capricornus until 2/16/21. This puts the solar focus on all things Capricorn, which brings a more serious air to our lives. Capricorn represents the Yang polarity of life (structure, stability, groundedness, Divine Masculine, material world) and patriarchal influence, so these are bound to become more common energies within the collective.

Capricorn rules our work-life, work ethic, career, vocation, and long-term goals (and what we are willing to sacrifice to accomplish said goals). With the Sun in the constellation Capricornus, these themes are present in our core drives, and we are asked: how is our vital force – the very core desire of our being – aligned with our current goals?

The mantra of Capricorn is “I utilize” which is utilitarian in its essence. After asking yourself about the alignment of your goals, ask yourself about the tools you have to accomplish said goals. What do you have? What do you need? How will you obtain what you need?

Capricorn is the goat that will stop at nothing to reach the peak of the mountain. There is a Capricornian drive in all of us to reach the pinnacle of our goal, and revel in our accomplishments by overlooking the tumultuous climb that led us to the zenith and saying “I made it to the top.” Capricorn teaches us that the path is step-wise – where sometimes we will be stuck on one step up the mountain for a long time until we master the physics of jumping to the next rock up. Capricorn also reminds us of the physical limitations that sometimes cause us to fall…and we end up at the bottom of the mountain once more. Only with Capricorn’s long-term mindset of accomplishing goals will a fall of such magnitude turn into motivation, and drive us to get back up and try again.

No matter where you are on the metaphorical “mountain” – or if you are at the bottom, mustering up the strength to begin your journey upward – just know that no goal is too large to be accomplished. You can AND WILL get to the top if you continue to work on your goal with the courageous, tenacious persistence of the Capricorn spirit. Remember, these are long-term goals – so patience is necessary in this process. Capricorn does not ask for success through luck overnight – nay, Capricorn earns success through dedication, delayed gratification, discipline, planning, and hard work. Take a leaf out of Capricorn’s book if you want to obtain long-lasting success that ultimately leads to legacy.

It is important to remember that while Capricorn is the goat the climbs the mountain, it is also the seagoat that explores the waters. The journey up the mountain is only worth it if the goat can also swim the oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation. After all, what is all the hard work for? One must learn to enjoy the calm pleasures of life, and Capricorn reminds us that reaching the peak of the mountain is not the “ultimate goal” – being able to get off the mountain altogether is the goal. This is the aftermath of building a legacy and accumulating generational wealth that allows us to adequately relax and enjoy life. Life is so much more than our labor – even Capricorn knows that. But Capricorn does know that labor is a tried and true method to earn this status.

With Saturn, Capricorn's ruler, within the constellation Capricornus as well, we can expect an amplification of these energies within the collective. I recommend working with Saturn in order to get your "money's worth" of Capricorn Season this year.

Capricorn Season reminds us to always have a mountain to climb – challenges motivate us! There will always be another bigger, harsher mountain to climb, and we can continue to challenge ourselves and set new goals as often as we want! But Capricorn reminds us to enjoy the oasis with our mermaid-tail to remember why the climb is actually worth the sweat of our labor. Find your oasis and remind yourself the same thing.

Stay goal-oriented. Stay hydrated.

Most of all, stay in Love.

Warm Hugs & A Kiss To Your Third Eye,


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