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Mars In Scorpio (12/15-12/24) & Ophiuchus (12/25 - 1/19)

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

[I have decided to group together Mars’ transit through Scorpio and Ophiuchus together because the boundaries of these constellations differ depending on if you are using the IAU boundaries, midpoint method, or other. I use the IAU boundaries. Although, as you will read, Scorpio and Ophiuchus energies blend together harmoniously through Snake Spirit, with Ophiuchus as the snake-bearer, and Scorpio's 4th emanation of death-and-rebirth being the snake.]

Mars enters into constellation Scorpio 12/15, where it will transit until 12/24 (which is Christmas Eve for some cultures.)

Mars is a co-ruler of Scorpio and therefore is “home” within the constellation Scorpio (kind of like it’s second home, though.) However, Mars represents the instinctual aspect of Scorpio as its ruler – the one that takes immediate action and can be considered the “Scorpio sting” (whereas it’s main ruler Pluto is a slower-moving force that knows change happens over time). So, with Mars in Scorpio we can expect sudden changes, likened to “Tower Moments” (a tarot reference where a tower is stuck by lightning and everything comes crashing down – implemented by divine forces, of course. Tower Moments occur when you build a tower that is out of alignment with the greatest good, and the divine has to knock it down!)

Mars is the planet of action. When Mars is in Scorpio, our actions can become intense – on the light side this can be transformative and rid us of poison we taint ourselves or others with. On the shadow side, this can be a secretive, paranoid, or repeating-toxic-patterns transit.

When Mars is in Scorpio, there is a natural sense of wanting to see what is below the surface – when Mars was in Libra, things were kept “light” and the focus was taking action to keep things balanced and in harmony. Now that Mars is in Scorpio, our actions are focused on getting “deep” and going into the darkness. That said, Mars in Scorpio is a great time to do Shadow Work, or investigate a particular topic.

Mars is also the planet of anger and aggression – and Scorpio is known for its “sting” and vengeful/vindictive behavior. This is a time to be aware of your own triggers around anger, and be mindful how you channel your own aggression (and be weary of others who may try to take their aggression out on you!)

Scorpio is the sign that rules over our genitals and sexual energy. When Mars (the planet of sexual urges) is within Scorpio, it can be a very sexy time! This can be a great time to get “deeper” with yourself about what sexually satisfies you, or even explore some darker fantasies or sexual taboos that Scorpio represents. This can also be a time to notice any cycles regarding your own libido or sexual energy that you may want to break as well.

Scorpio Transits Can Take 7 Major Themes

As with any transit through Scorpio, there are multiple emanations of Scorpio that we can embody – and this is dependent on where we are in our own journey. Scorpio goes through a series of death and rebirths, which is why Scorpio represents our cycles.

1. Spider – if you are in a spider spirit stage of life, this transit will particularly highlight your fears, paranoias, selfishness, cruelty, and solitude. You may also begin to understand the webs you weave, and how everything is connected.

2. Scorpion – If you are in a scorpion spirit stage of life, this transit will particularly highlight self-sabotage, impulsive poison (of yourself or others), jealousy, and solitude.

3. Lizard – If you are in a lizard spirit stage of life, this transit will particularly highlight revenge, “cold-blooded” crimes, and sexual impulses. You may begin to notice the way energy is utilized, stored, reciprocated, transferred, etc. There may also be a “molting” period where you have to rest and your let your “skin” molt.

4. Snake – If you are in snake spirit stage in life, this transit will particularly highlight themes similar to those of lizard spirit. However, you will begin to notice that you can shed your skin of situations and continue to move on and grow. You will begin to utilize your energy more carefully and also be mindful of how/when/if you use your poison. There is also energy of welcoming in Ophiuchus here to transmute the poison of the snake venom into medicinal healing tinctures (transmutation of poison to healing.)

5. Wolf – If you are in the wolf spirit stage in life, this transit will particularly highlight your strength and protection. You begin to understand that you are not a “lone wolf” and instead work better in a “pack” – and focus on building/maintaining a home.

6. Eagle – If you are in the eagle spirit stage in life, this transit will particularly highlight your ability to see things from a higher perspective. You may develop detective-like sleuthing skills and have “eagle-eye” precision for hunting “truth.” This is also a time you may begin to commune with animal spirits or higher powers.

7. Phoenix – If you are in the phoenix spirit stage in life, this transit will particularly highlight your ability to transform and transmute any energy that no longer serves you into energy that does. You begin (or continue to) alchemize your life and have a deep connection to Spirit.

Mars can help you transition from one emanation of Scorpio to the next - or you may find yourself repeating patterns of one of these emanations.

Onto Ophiuchus

Mars enters the constellation Ophiuchus 12/25 (Christmas Day in some cultures), where it will transit until 1/19/22. This is my first time consciously observing Mars’ transit through Ophiuchus, and therefore I will hypothesize based on my observations of Venus, Mercury, and the Sun’s transit through Ophiuchus this year.

Since Mars is the planet of action, and Ophiuchus is the healer of the zodiac, this can be a time of taking action towards great healing. People who don’t utilize Ophiuchus’ healing power may be more tuned into the Scorpionic energy during this time, which can be focused on cycles and the poison within them. Ophiuchus teaches us how to use poison as medicine – that the venom of the snake is also the antidote of the snakebite.

This can be a time where we heal our triggers, anger issues, and aggressive behaviors. This can allow us to shed our skin of the old, and welcome the new (a more healed version of ourselves.)

Ophiuchus is also the sign of conspiracy – so when Mars is here there may be actions taken to cover up some sort of plot (which can fuel the darker sides of Scorpio’s paranoia, and the light side of its investigative eagle-eye). Regardless, Ophiuchus shows us that the truth can be clear as day, and to avoid mainstream lies or gaslighting. When Mars is here, we must take action to stand in our truth rather than let it get “murdered” and hidden by conspiracy.

As we know, the shamanic/healing principles of Ophiuchus were stolen and given to Scorpio (which Scorpio can only reach the shamanic emanations if Ophiuchus’ energy is utilized to get past the snake spirit stage of Scorpionic evolution). Stolen identity is a common theme for Ophiuchus transits so be mindful of your personal information and take care that your identity is not stolen online or otherwise.

Ophiuchus is known to have the elixir of life – one that gives us immortality. While Mars is here we may be thinking about how we can live “forever.” This can be through some sort of legacy or creative endeavor we will leave behind. With the metaverse already manifesting into our reality, there may be a want to take action to immortalize ourself through the use of technology instead. Or, perhaps you may become open to utilizing medicinal/healing practices that extend one’s lifeline.

Additionally, Mars transiting through the medicine man and herbalist of the zodiac can highlight herbalism, western medicine, and eastern medicine in our lives, and how these each can be utilized in our healing journey. (This, of course, is in juxtaposition of how Scorpionic influences can poison us). We may particularly use medicine and herbalism to aid in dealing with our anger, aggression, impulses, libido – or helping us with motivation.

Dates To Keep In Mind:

The Moon joins Mars in Ophiuchus 12/31 – 1/1

That means the new year will be rung in with the healing tones of the Moon and Mars conjunct within the constellation of the healer. This is a great time to allow yourself to shed layers of yourself that no longer serve you and embrace your highest healing potential. New Years resolutions that are focused on healing can be especially powerful at this time – so set your intentions!

This can be an extremely emotional time, even emotionally aggressive. We may be pushed into our healing with Martian intensity (or even Scorpionic extremism – as this area of the constellations is disputed whether it is attributed to Scorpio or Ophiuchus. But again, this is where we choose to grapple the snake or not!)

I recommend avoiding those who gaslight you, try to copy-cat you, or that you consider shifty “snakes” in the grass. Avoid poisons of all kind, especially things/people/places that poison your emotional body. Allow yourself to be surrounded by the most healing energy that you can!

How may this transit influence you personally?

Check where Scorpio and Ophiuchus are in your natal or progressed chart – this is where Mars will be transiting in our solar system. Whichever house(s) Scorpio and Ophiuchus rule over in your chart will show you how this transit will affect you. If you have planets, nodes, and/or asteroids in these houses, you will more heavily influenced by these transits. If you would like a personal reading, please feel free to book with me in my shop. But here is some general information on how this transit will influence you based on the house(s):

First House – Self-sabotaging behavior is front and center, especially when you feel like someone has done you wrong. Deep subconscious or unconscious drives may become apparent. This is a favorable time to try something new in your sexual life! Healing is focused on obtaining motivation to keep moving forward in life, and utilizing your kundalini with purpose. Sex magick is recommended.

Second House – Impulsive spending may be a theme, but so is your ability to transform your relationship with money. You may notice bodily changes or have the drive to change your physical environment/3D reality. If you are putting poison in your body, you will notice the effects this is having on your body as well. Healing is focused on your material life.

Third House – Any sort of poisonous mindset you have will become apparent. Obsessive, paranoid, or “secret” thoughts must be dealt with if you want to change your mental health. This is a great time to channel your sexual energy into a creative project. Healing is focused on your thoughts and how you balance Yin and Yang energy without your own nervous system.

Fourth House – You will notice the ways “home” may be considered toxic to you (either now or during your upbringing). You may take action to drastically change what “home” means for you, and who/what is poisoning your emotional body. Tower Moments regarding the mother or mother-figure is highlighted, as is healing this relationship. Healing the emotional body is also noted.

Fifth House – Ego work is highlighted, as you may embrace an ego death and rebirth during this time. You may begin to notice the way your own behavior, actions, and impulses are responsible for the way you are/the way your life is. You have the ability to poison yourself or transform yourself – the choice is yours! Exploring something new that brings you pleasure is recommended. Healing the relationship with the ego and/or Inner-Child is highlighted.

Sixth House – Anything that is part of your daily routine is sorted into “toxic” or “non-toxic” – and you may particularly be concerned with what you are eating and how your daily habits influence your overall health. This can be a deeply transformative time for your health, daily routine, or how you serve others (especially if you have a service sector job). Healing your relationship with food, your habits, and Free Will is noted.

Seventh House – There is transformative energy within your one-on-one relationships. You may notice if a relationship brings poison to your life or if it helps you break cycles and transmute energy. Sudden legal situations may occur, or even breaks ups. This is also a time for deep healing in your relationships, particularly if you are going through a marriage or divorce.

Eighth House – This transit may trigger deep Shadow Work for you particularly. If you are involved in any sort of occult practice, this is a time to work with Mars purposefully, or practice sex magick. Transformation is high for you at this time. Healing is focused on understanding and breaking your cycles.

Ninth House – Sudden changes in perception may occur. Any sort of poisonous perspective comes front-and-center and this transit can help you see things from a higher point of view. You may want to change your area of study/focus, want to move/travel, or have a calling to a different theological/religious/spiritual belief system. Healing is focused on how your perceptions clash or mesh with others’ beliefs.

Tenth House – Beware of anger or aggression within the workplace. Ensure that your work ethic does not promote you poisoning or self-sabotaging yourself. Some of you may leave your place of work, or want to transform your business agendas at this time. Tower Moments regarding the father or father-figure is highlighted. Healing is focused on your long-term goals and how you see social standards of success.

Eleventh House – Your group/community relationships may be changing at this time – and this may be due to your ability to see how this group/community is transforming or poisoning themselves/you. You may feel inclined to take action to change your relationship with science, technology, or blockchain. Healing is focused on being part of causes bigger than yourself, and connection to non-human species.

Twelfth House – Your spiritual body may be transforming, as you begin to understand how your actions play into emotional dualism. You may see how your actions cause an equal-and-opposite reaction in another. Spiritual truths may be revealed to you at this time, as you go deep into your own subconscious and unconscious mind. Shadow Work focused on your ability to connect with Source is highlight. Healing is focused on spiritual health, addiction, escapism, delusions, and your imagination.

Stay in Love!

Warm Hugs & A Kiss To Your Third Eye,


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Sukirti Gupta
Sukirti Gupta
18 de dez. de 2021

Very interesting! I vibe with Ophiuchus a lot, as i have been in the process of my own healing, spiritual and physical, and along the way I've just started a new business which is about sustainable and healthy eating. Like heal the body n mind with diet types thing. and i look forward to bringing a lot of awareness among people with this, through everything i have learned and experienced. It's at a very beginning stage right now tho, btw it just struck me that obviously I'm using the back of the 101 class worksheet for noting nutrition charts, given that you're into biochemistry i guess, the sheets kinda attracted the information lol. And when u said that 90%…

Sukirti Gupta
Sukirti Gupta
18 de dez. de 2021
Respondendo a

Aww yusss I'm gon check it v soon! And ty 🥺💓


Flora Fauna
Flora Fauna
16 de dez. de 2021

Wow, I like how you've broken this down, with both transits. Thank you!

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