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New Moon in Pisces Revati – Imagination Is Creation

By: Sachi The Scorpio

IG & Twitter: @SachiTheScorpio

The New Moon peaks April 1st, 2022 in the constellation Pisces, within the nakshatra of Revati. This is perhaps the most spiritual New Moon we could ask for. Revati is the last nakshatra of the zodiac, indicating that this New Moon ushers in new energy at the same rate that we are able to let go and END cycles. For all of us, our 12th Houses are stimulated by this New Moon, so you can expect this to be an intensely personal and other-worldly time.

Pisces represents all things spiritual, imaginative, creative, and Unseen. When we have a New Moon in this other-worldly sign, we are bound to have fresh energy stimulating us to go deeper into our spiritual practice, creative endeavor, or connection with other dimensions. This New Moon may put us into a dreamy state and alter our consciousness– for some, this is a natural “high” – for others, it can mean the use of mind-altering substances, or even sickness (or, that our perceptions of such experiences are changing.) This altered state is the universe showing us that we should not limit our reality to physicality, and that a certain level of detachment from the physical is necessary to anchor in any manifestation. Revati is known for having wonderous financial blessings…but not really caring about them!

The nakshatra Revati naturally closes out old cycles, being the last Lunar Mansion of the zodiac. The blend of “ending” and “beginning” (New Moon) ties perfectly with the dual-fish aspect of Piscean Yin and Yang – this spiritual “codependency” of being – that every ending needs a beginning and vice versa. Just as Yang cannot Exist without Yin to hold it, and how Yin cannot cast its Shadow without with Light of Yang. (As stated in the Pisces Season article here there are many “existential reality” concepts that are bound to pop up – yearning for us to deepen our spiritual understanding of what the universe is trying to reveal to us.)

Revati is known to have a world of their own – to use one’s own “delusions” to anchor in manifestations. After all, you have to believe something is yours for it to reach you, even if you don’t see physical evidence of it. Revati pushes us to imagine a future that hasn’t taken physical shape yet, and to believe in that timeline. This nakshatra is known for its creative abilities, so remember that even our thoughts shape the creation of reality. Revati is here to remind us that we all deserve (and have access to) the ability to manifest OUR desired reality.

This nakshatra’s symbol is a drum. Musically inclined individuals may be especially stimulated at this time – and those who have a soul calling to music will feel this rhythm deeply. Revati is also known to “march to the beat of their own drum”. This New Moon asks us to be an individual, and not feel compelled to go along with the mainstream. Revati is also known as a humanitarian, so helping others is part of the natural flow of the New Moon’s fresh beginning. However, it is advised to avoid martyrdom or people stuck in an overly self-sacrificing nature.

Some interesting aspects of this nakshatra is increased likelihood of having luck whilst traveling – physically or through other realms. This is also the nakshatra known for deep connection to the mystical arts and being able to see beyond the “veil.” This indicates good fortune for spiritualists, tarot readers, palm readers, etc. People who do dream decoding are especially roused at this time, as the naturally dreamy energies of Pisces bring prosperity to those that can decode the latent content of Revati. Revati is ruled by Mercury, so working with your Mercury is recommended at this time.

Stay In Love.

Warm Hugs & A Kiss To Your Third Eye,


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