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New Moon in Shatabishak: An Unconventional New Beginning

By: Sachi The Scorpio

IG & Twitter: @SachiTheScorpio

The New Moon peaked at 17:35 UT on Wednesday, March 2nd in Shatabishak Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign that rules over technology, science, class consciousness, humanitarianism, and revolution. New Moons bring us fresh energy, and are a time to welcome newness into our lives regarding themes of the constellation (Aquarius) and lunar mansion (Shatabishak.)

This New Moon is within the nakshatra Shatabishak which is known for being extremely unconventional. Shatabishak is interested in in finding new and ideal ways to solve problems, often disregarding the status quo, titles, etc. This is often regarding finding novel solutions to complex issues (as mentioned, Aquarius rules over science and technology so is extremely innovative and inventive!) This New Moon asks us to take into consideration how we may break free from the shackles of convention and birth something new.

Shatabishak is also known as the “One-Hundred Healers” so this New Moon holds energy particularly regarding medical advancement, emotional/mental health workers, spiritual shamans, and overall healing for humanity. This New Moon highlights all those who work to heal the collective – which is particularly highlighted within Aquarius’ humanitarian and revolutionary lens. Aquarius also rules class consciousness/programming of the collective, so the way in which healing is embraced on a class-scale is particularly noted.

Aquarius is the water-bearer but is an air sign. Aquarius knows how to experience emotion (water) from an analytical perspective. The New Moon in Aquarius asks us to consider: what is in our jug? What emotions are we holding in a container and how may we pour them out? When we pour them out, what is there? We may find ourselves recognizing that our emotions tend to take on the shape of the container we put them in…This emotional analysis can lead to cathartic release to embrace the energy of the New Moon. Shatabishak is also known to honor water – so pay attention to any messages regarding water you receive at this time.

The Aquarius New Moon in Shatabishak gives us an opportunity to invest in, learn about, or continue to progress in areas of science and technology. You would be wise to consider novel ideas and run with them – after all, Jupiter is still in Aquarius (which you can read about here: which favors endeavors within science, tech, blockchain, etc. or anyone involved in revolutionary action or humanitarian efforts.

Aquarius is the alien of the zodiac – so don’t be afraid to be your own unique brand of “weird.” Stand out. (And don’t be afraid to stand for something.) The “normal” is meant to be questioned and counter-cultured. That’s what Aquarius energy represents! Let your inner Aquarian out and embrace a new beginning, even if others don’t understand it yet! All visionaries are birthed this way.

Stay in Love!

Warm Hugs & A Kiss To Your Third Eye,


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