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The Seven Emanations of Scorpio

Updated: May 9

By: Sachi The Seer

IG, Twitter, & YouTube: @SachiTheSeer

The Scorpius Full Moon occurs 6/3/23 and peaks at 11:42pm EST. This is bound to influence us in deeply profound ways, as Scorpius is the sign of transformation, death and rebirth, and cycles.

To know how this will influence you personally, you must look to your chart and see where the last degree of Scorpius is - THAT is the area (house) that will be influenced most deeply. The themes of this Full Moon will vary depending on which emanation of Scorpius you most embody at the moment. There are seven emanations - and often we find ourselves embodying one or two of these emanations at a time. The process is not always linear - and often we may get stuck at "Snake Spirit" and loop back to lower emanations. However, we all have the potential to reach Phoenix through shamanic intent. And I hope this guide is a helpful tool to your personal Scorpionic ascension (wether you have placements in Scorpius or not, you DO have Scorpius in your chart.)

The death and rebirth cycle of Scorpio is often simplified to Scorpion --> Eagle --> Phoenix. But, actually, the journey of a Scorpio is 7-fold. A Scorpio must learn various lessons in order to die as one totem and rebirth into another. Scorpio's true evolution line is as follows:

  1. Spider - Themes: Fear, selfishness, cruelty, solitude, manipulation, awareness. This is often when one weaves webs of deception, or are constantly caught in them. Looking "scary" is a theme - trying to look off-putting to others reinforces the notion of solitude and being misunderstood. Just as spiders catch prey in their web and consume them at their leisure, Spider emanation of Scorpius is associated with vampirism. Spider Spirit is also great at manipulating reality to catch whatever they want, often laying traps for others to fall in. On the more moderate vibration of Spider, one is aware of their surroundings. When extreme, this can result in paranoia. But in general, Spider can "feel" things in their surroundings and have acute awareness - just like a spider can feel something caught on the other side of its web due to vibrational movement of the web strands. Spider Spirit also understands the connectedness of all things and how one small shift can impact multiple timelines. The highest vibration of Spider Spirit manifests as timeline weavers and/or masters of macrame.

  2. Scorpion - Themes: Jealousy, temper, impulse, poison, solitude, power, strength, protection. This is when self-sabotage and isolation is most common. A scorpion in nature will sting itself when cornered by a predator and die by its own venom - this doesn't allow the predator satisfaction of the kill and also the predator can no longer eat the scorpion because it has poison running in its body. Behavior can be like this - self-sabotaging and hurtful, constantly in a predator-prey dynamic. There is an emphasis on the soft interior vs. hard exoskeleton and general self-preservation. Poisoning one's own emotional body, the emotional bodies of others, and allowing others to poison oneself is common through very toxic emotional connections. This is the "Scorpion sting." On a more moderate vibration, Scorpion Spirit represents spending time in solitude in order to act when the opportune moment presents itself. This can be a time of self-reflection and feeling very deeply...although the Scorpion emanation is known to experience more downtrodden emotions than uplifting. Scorpion also is aware of the power that they hold - to harm themselves and others. This brings in responsibility and impulse control to those grappling with Scorpion energy. In the highest vibration, Scorpions are protective and preserving totems and can be masters of secret-keeping, off-gridding, and/or poison control.

  3. Lizard - Themes: revenge, cold-blooded, selfishness, abandonment, camouflage, shapeshifting. Lizard spirit functions on an ectothermic reptilian frequency (the inability to produce one's own Light (heat) and needing to absorb it from another source.). Energy vampirism is common, as is attracting those who feed energetically. Lizards typically abandon their young and have no sense of family or loyalty. The emotional body is typically mute and uncaring of others emotions. Furthermore, one may feed off of negative emotions in general (fear, shame, hatred, etc.) On a more moderate frequency, Lizard emanation of Scorpius learns how to camouflage and often refer to themselves as "social chameleons". While this can indicate a lack of sense of self, it also radiates an acute awareness of how to meet one's needs. On the highest vibration, Lizards are shapeshifters and masters of illusion or character play - and often do well in positions of power where emotional detachment is necessary.

  4. Snake - Theme: Kundalini, sexuality, trickery, healing - similar to the lizard lessons, but begins to have a more cognizant use of poison (compared to the impulsive scorpion) and energy utilization (kundalini.). This is still a reptilian frequency and often involves vampirism - but usually from a higher perspective and understanding one can feed off of anything (not just low vibrational emotions). Snake Spirit is a divine trickster so often deception leads to divine information of some type. The ability to "shed one's skin" of a situation is highlighted. Sexual energy is often heightened here, which can manifest as promiscuity, sex addictions, or orgasm obsession when unstable. On the more moderate vibration, sexual energy is utilized with purpose - either for creation, manifestation, or healing. Overall, if Ophiuchian energy is utilized here (the snake grappler) one can heal. This requires the understanding of how poison becomes antidote and transcending the reptilian frequencies of feeding off of others. The highest vibration of Snake as an emanation of Scorpius results in Ophiuchian energy inherently. This manifests as masters of creation and manifestation, alchemists/chemists, herbalists, and healers of all types, especially sexyal healers.

  5. Wolf - Themes: Strength, wisdom, protection, home, community, family. The Wolf emanation typically begins as a lone wolf - mostly because they just emanated from snake. This is the stage where one begins to understand the importance of the "pack" and how it is healthy to have others in one's life. The isolation life no longer is appealing and the Wolf embodies loyalty to those worthy of their kinship. They recognize who/what is worth fighting for/hunting for/protecting. Family and community become more and more important as the Wolf learns that connection to others is the key to success. On the higher vibration of Wolf, it is understood that when people come together the result is greater than the sum of their parts. Accomplishments come easy to Wolf as delegation becomes a strong suit. Family is seen as something sacred and chosen, and is protected above all.

  6. Eagle - Themes: Seeing from a higher perspective, detective-like sleuthing, "Eagle Eye" precision, hunt for truth, communication. The Eagle soars above the "BS" in order to spot truth from a mile away. This is the "lie detector" emanation of Scorpio where they do not deal with deception in others. This emanation is extremely curious and busies oneself with deeper questions of life and refuses "small talk." Investigating darker topics or hunting for the truth is often. This also usually leads to the esoteric and taboo. The highest vibration of Eagle has communication with nature, supernatural perception, and speaks truth.

  7. Phoenix - Themes: Transmutation, transformation, alchemy, commune with Spirit. This emanation masters the shamanic fires of alchemy - able to die and rebirth with intent. There is a deep understanding of the laws of nature and the universe, from experience and study. One understands the infinite and is often a guide for others during their spiritual awakenings. The Phoenix masters transmuting energy that does not serve them into energy that does. The highest vibration of Phoenix manifests as a lifelong journey of becoming, a healthy sense of detachment, and metaphysical mastery.

It is important to remember that in order to transcend the reptilian frequencies, a Scorpius placement must be able to utilize the Ophiuchian power. Ophiuchus is the snake-bearer that assists Scorpius in getting out of Snake Spirit and into higher emanations.

If you would like to learn more about Ophiuchus, read here:

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Flora Fauna
Flora Fauna
03 Haz 2023

Goodness. The last degrees of Scorpio fall in Ophiuchus in my chart!😲

04 Haz 2023
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