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Spiritual mentorship helps you ascend in your spiritual journey and overcome any obstacles you may be having through 1-on-1 talking and counseling.


Having a mentor is the foundation of exponential growth in any area of life - and spiritual mentorship is no different! This is a service where we talk directly, 1-on-1 about your spiritual journey and how to progress it. The call will take place on Zoom, and is scheduled for when our schedules align, as soon as possible! Upon booking, I will email you within 72 hours to schedule our call!


This service can also be whatever you need it to be: trauma counseling, learning how to manifest, relationship advice, protection ceremony - even just needing a kind ear when you've had a bad day or a sounding board for a business idea you're trying to get off the ground!  


Astrological information and card reading can be part of your session if requested prior.

As someone who has healed my own wounds, undergone immense personal transformation, and have found and followed my soul's calling, I can offer caring support (and advice, should you ask for it) without judgment. I offer Unconditional Love to you on your journey as a Mama Phoenix, and support you in whatever ways works best for you.

1-On-1 Spiritual Mentorship

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  • 100% refund if requested before service and before 72 hours of scheduled booking. 50% refund if requested within less than 72 hours of scheduled booking.

    Sachi The Seer reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.  If your request for service is denied, you will receive a full refund.

  • You will receive an e-mail to schedule your appointment within 2 business days of booking. Turnaround depends on how our schedules align.

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