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This purchase includes the following:- Video recording of live class that was taught on 11/19 (3 hour class + 2 hour Q&A)- Worksheet to complete in class that organizes the information in a meaninful way- Quiz to take at the end of class (answers provided in video) This class is designed to help you understand astrology as a whole, rather than memorize facts.  It teaches you how to recognize astrology as a code, that you "hack" for self development & personal growth. This class teaches you how to think astrologically, and learn the following: - Sign achetypes- Planetary Placements- Houses- How to read a chart By the end of the class, you will know how to read an astrological chart and be able to say things like "I have a 10 degree Libra Mars in the 4th House" and KNOW what that means! Any questions?  Email

Astrology 101 Class: Video, Note Worksheet, and Quiz

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