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Feathermancy is a divinatory art which obtains messages through the reading of feathers.  Feathermancy uses information such as: feather color, type of feather, feather pattern, feather size, condition of the feather, feather number, orientation, and location/environment to determine the message being delivered by the feather(s).


Feathermancy was introduced to the public by Sachi (@SachiTheSeer) of Sachi The Scorpio LLC in 2024.  Although reading feather colors is a common practice, Feathermancy is the first approach of its kind that includes multiple variables and step-wise methodology to read the entirety of the feather’s essence as a divination practice.


In Feathermancy, you use an array of data to compile the message of the feather, which can be simple or extremely complex.  Although there are 8+ variables to consider in a reading, all variables needn‘t be utilized in every reading.  Like all divinatory arts, there is a level of intuition that must be utilized during Feathermancy.


Feathermancy: Feather Divination Guide includes the methodology of Feathermancy, as well as various orientations that correspond to Astrological or Runic information.  This book also introduces feather patterns that are associated with the Major Arcana in tarot, and how to utilize feathers for ritualistic purposes. It is recommended to keep documentation of your Feathermancy readings so that you can notice trends through the messages. Included at the end of this book is a journal print-out to utilize on your Feathermancy journey.


Not only can feathers be used for divination, but they can also be used as manifestation tools for ritual or magic.  This book includes a guide to utilize feathers to enhance your life or add to your ritualistic magic.

Feathermancy: Feather Divination Guide (E-Book)

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