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FOR THIS SERVICE, please include the following in the comments of your order (or email me after your order with the following.) I need this data to calculate your chart:

1) Your date of birth

2) Your exact time of birth (please reference your birth certificate; do not rely on guesses by your parents please.)

3) City/state or province/country of birth


I will use True Sky and True Sidereal Astrology along with the 13 Equal House system, unless requested otherwise in the comments/email of your order! I also include the sky view when you were born so you can see the raw data for yourself! In all analyses, I discuss sign, House, and aspects (angular relationships.)

If you purchase the 3 or 5 Question option, please also include your questions in the comments or email them to me.


In all sessions, I focus on providing information on the placement(s) and how to understand them, best embody them, and how you can “hack” these data points for the highest expression - as well as answer any specific questions you may have.


A Natal Chart is a "screenshot" of the solar system when you were born. This is your baseline "code" that you can "hack" in order to create the best/favorite version of yourself!


Your Natal Chart shows how you are "programmed" to be personally - such as the core of who you are, your emotional needs, how you communicate, relationship style, your drive, and much more! It also shows how the outer-world influences you - such as personal philosophies, career, relationship with technology, dreams, changes, etc.


A Full Natal Chart Analysis 8-part video series is approximately 3-5 hours, depending on how many aspects you have. This service looks into 1) what constellation were each of the planets were in when you were born? 2) What Houses were each of the planets in when you were born 3) What major aspects (angle relationships) do these planets make with one another? and 4)What does it all mean?

The Full Natal Chart Analysis written report is a PDF book, approximately 30-55 single-spaced pages of writing, including all of the above AND minor aspects.

A full natal chart analysis is best for anyone wanting to go deep in their code and embody their Highest Self!

I also offer Natal Chart services where you can ask any specific questions about your Natal Chart and I will look into your code and provide the answer along with an explanation of the data points used to draw the conclusion. This service is best for anyone new to astrology and taking it slow, or if you have specific questions/placements that you are trying to understand better.


All analyses are recorded via video and sent to you via private link (except the written book option. )


The written book report is a PDF book (about ~20,000 words) written all about YOU. This is my most thorough analysis which takes 3-4 months to complete.

Natal Chart Analysis

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  • Turnaround is 1 month for video readings.


    Written book takes 2 weeks of studying and 3-4 months to write. This is a ~20,000 word book and needs time for analysis, writing, and editing. It is sent to you as a PDF.

  • 100% refund if requested within 24 hours of booking only. No returns. Sachi The Seer reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. If your request for service is denied, you will receive a full refund.

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